esto es un ejemplo de una obra en proceso: el mingitorio de Duchamp

PARIS (AFP) - "Fountain", a famous artwork consisting of a ceramic urinal made by French-US artist Marcel Duchamp, has been damaged while on display in Paris's Pompidou Centre by an elderly vandal armed with a hammer, the museum and police said.

The sculpture was slightly chipped and fractured in the attack Wednesday by the 77-year-old man, who was taken into custody and presented to a judge Thursday.
The Pompidou Centre said it had been forced to withdraw the work from view to repair the damage.
The urinal, considered a seminal piece to come from the early 19th-century Dada movement, is valued at some three million euros (3.5 million dollars).
It was made in 1917 by Duchamp and was on display as part of a wider Dada exhibition set to close at the end of this week after drawing in 350,000 visitors.
Police said it was the second time the old man had brutalized "Fountain". In 1993, he attacked it while it was part of an exhibition in Nimes, southern France.

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